I wrote a blog post about this for people who want to install PureScript tooling via npm:

About npm in general


Make sure you have prefix set for npm in ~/.npmrc:


If you don’t do this, npm installations overall in your system will be messed up.

never run npm with sudo.

Set your npm paths

export PATH="$HOME/.npm/bin:$PATH"
export PATH="./node_modules/.bin:$PATH"

If you want to set up PureScript tooling via npm

npm i -g purescript pulp psc-package-bin-simple

If you don’t want to set up tooling via npm

Grab the PureScript binary from Github releases and put it in your path (e.g. ~/.local/bin/):

Grab the Psc-Package binary from Github releases and put it in your path:

You will have to install pulp via npm, but you don’t necessarily have to use pulp. Nevertheless, npm install -g pulp or npm i -S pulp in your project.

You might try this bash script, but if it doesn’t work, make a PR:

Installation of tools through Nix

Unfortunately, the Nix package for PureScript is usually broken, and there is no visible interest in making the package use the binaries from GitHub. As a result, installing the compiler through Nix will usually be broken or irreproducable.

I have started collecting easy ways of installing PureScript-related tools with Nix via the released binaries: Please try this! If you don’t use NixOS, you can quite readily use this like so in

You can also try this simple derivation for the compiler:

On the other hand, the Psc-Package package on nixpkgs is fine: