UI libraries

There are effectively two actively maintained and working solutions.


Quite transparent React interop. Start by looking here: https://github.com/f-f/purescript-react-basic-todomvc

See the starter here: https://github.com/lumihq/react-basic-starter

See my fork with all of my opinionated things here: https://github.com/justinwoo/spacchetti-react-basic-starter

And the TodoMVC implementation here: https://github.com/f-f/purescript-react-basic-todomvc



Pure PureScript. Fast if you don’t write naive code with thousands of unkeyed children. Note that the docs are slow to update, but each major version is very usable. This library can end up being a deep rabbit hole of FP ideas and how FP also models OOP. Consider React-Basic if you want to get started quickly and improve your codebase incrementally.

See the starter projects here: https://github.com/slamdata/purescript-halogen-template, https://github.com/citizennet/purescript-halogen-template

See an example real-world application with authentication, routing, state management, and more: https://github.com/thomashoneyman/purescript-halogen-realworld


No library

It might be worthwhile to not actually try to write your entire view in PureScript first, and rather interface in your existing application. You should read through the FFI links.