“I mostly need query-updater-html functions”

Use Halogen with one component, then add a few more whenever you find something that makes sense as a component. Or try to jerry-rig some web components setup.


Another library that presents you a fairly Elm-like experience https://github.com/utkarshkukreti/purescript-hedwig


For an up to date Elm-like that is performant, you should look at https://github.com/natefaubion/purescript-spork


Even though Pux is well-known, I do not recommend it because of various usability issues, overwhelming performance issues, and lack of maintenance. It also does not actually provide React interop, so if you want React interop, you should use https://github.com/lumihq/purescript-react-basic

If you’re new to PureScript and frustrated with Pux, that’s completely understandable as it is quite frustrating to work with. Try some of these other options or try using more FFI to do things you want.