0.11.7 to 0.12.0

There are very few changes needed to be made to upgrade to 0.12.0.

Below from https://gist.github.com/justinwoo/c28327abe623c117e938a0b471b2e2a2

There are some changes you will need to make for most applications to be upgraded to PureScript 0.12. With some usage of editor commands, you should be able to convert any 20K LOC codebase in less than an hour.


  • Remove eff, install effect
  • Remove dom and dom-*, use web-dom and such from purescript-web. Use type holes (?whatmethod) to discover new APIs
  • Remove maps, install ordered-collections for Map/Set/etc. and foreign-object for StrMap


  • Eff (fx :: # Type) a -> Effect a
  • Aff (fx :: # Type) a -> Aff a
  • Control.Monad.Effect -> Effect
  • id -> identity
  • Data.Record -> Record
  • Data.StrMap -> Foreign.Object
  • Data.Foreign -> Foreign

Updating libraries


  • Use psc-package build -d or pulp build --src-path some-empty-folder if you want to only build dependencies first (you should)